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Name:Twisting The Twilight Zone
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Multifandom fan fiction, art, vids, and fanworks
I am opening this community for posting at any time, although there may be additional challenges in the future. There are a lot of great prompts in the episodes and I'm hoping people will continue to add stories for their fandom(s).

Please do follow the rules and posting guidelines and enjoy yourself in The Twilight Zone.


1. No limit on fiction length.

2. No WIPs. (although if you take this as an opportunity to finish a WIP then definitely allowed!)

3. Any fandom, any pairing or gen (tags will be added as needed).

4. No previously posted stories, although double-dipping is allowed. In other words, combining with a prompt from another challenge/request is fine. No restriction on cross-posting to other comms.

5. Must be fiction, art, vid, or fanmix, or other fan artifact based on one of the episodes/titles from The Twilight Zone. The work does not have to follow the episode synopsis, simply create what a title or the episode inspires. A title may be used more than once.

Submission Dates:

Open Submission - Post anytime your fanwork is complete.

See for prompts and posting guidelines.
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